Warren Zevon was an L.A. legend, but his heart belonged to Echo Park, through the bad times and the good. He was calling it out by name in his harrowing “Carmelita” and showing it off to European documentary makers with a cult-famous visit to the Burrito King on Sunset in 1977. (Of course, it was the Pioneer Chicken stand on Alvarado that actually made it into his lyrics.) Now the Grand Ole Echo and a rotating selection of Americana musicians are paying tribute to the man and his myths – his werewolves, Thompson gunners, French inhalers and desperadoes – with a show that's walking distance from Zevon-ian history. The longer you live in L.A., the more Zevon's songs soak into you, adding light and shadow to the landscape and humanity to the city's history, and there can't possibly be a better reason to hoist a guitar and a cocktail glass in tribute.

Sun., June 29, 3 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 06/29/14)

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