Heading a couple of blocks south of HK Super on Western near 3rd Street, you can make a left and see a beautiful piece in reds and blues along the side of the wall.

However, right next door is a Korean store which sells herbs and “natural” remedies I think. It's very animal-based, that's for sure.

It was closed, so I had to peer in through the door, but inside, there was a (real) bear with a (fake) snake in its mouth. And this sign:

And if that's not nearly enough, there's also a 5 foot tall green monster standing on a sign outside the store

And the sign he's standing on features a goat. Whew. More of the art – and monster – after the jump. All photos by Mark Mauer.

So, what are you selling that requires images of deer, pumpkins, green monsters, bears, snakes and a goat? The mind reels. Still, there's some very nice street art next to it.

All photos by Mark Mauer

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