Grace and Moji Celebrate the Beauty of Imperfections with “Monster”

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Grace & Moji’s story is a love story for the ages and a testament to the transformative power of love and art. As they embarked on their creative journey, they allowed their experiences to influence their music meaningfully, resulting in an authentic and refreshing sound. The duo’s chemistry is palpable in every note, and their ability to seamlessly blend their talents is magical.

A band rarely comes along with a sound that is both familiar and innovative, but Grace & Moji have managed to do just that. Their music evokes memories of beloved indie bands from the 2000s while incorporating fresh sounds that are uniquely their own. With their debut, “Our Love,” they’ve created an enchanting anthem that beautifully captures the complexities of their relationship, proving that love is not always easy but always worth fighting for.

However, what’s most striking about Grace & Moji is not just their music but the story behind it. Their decision to tie the knot just three months after the meeting may seem impulsive to some, but it speaks to the depth of their connection and willingness to take risks in pursuit of what they believe in. The subsequent lockdown period may have been a challenging time for many, but for Grace & Moji, it was an opportunity to deepen their connection and explore their creative endeavors.

Through it all, Grace & Moji have remained true to themselves as individuals and a band. They’ve used their unique experiences to inspire their music and have created something extraordinary in the process. As they prepare to release more content, they have a bright future ahead of them, filled with even more magic and love.

Their highly anticipated single, “Monster,” will be released on Aug 3rd, 2023. Drawing inspiration from revered 2000s indie bands like Flaming Lips, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and The National, Grace & Moji’s songwriting and chemistry exude both nostalgia and freshness, reminiscent of the likes of Kasey Musgraves and Harry Styles.

They share an intimate journey of love, creativity, and healing through their music, leaving listeners spellbound. Grace, a New Yorker with immigrant roots, courageously left behind a corporate career in pursuit of artistic happiness and purpose. Her solo project Nolo Grace and her recent release “Wake Up” featuring Sean Kingston have garnered attention and praise. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Grace co-founded the creative community PARASOL. Martin, an award-winning platinum-selling producer, and composer, infuses his compositions with a world of emotion. His music has reached millions of streams and is featured in film, video games, and global ads.

Take advantage of the magic of Grace & Moji’s musical masterpiece. Get ready to be uplifted and energized as they unleash their talent and creativity.

Lightness and darkness are fully explored in Grace & Moji’s “Monster.” Grace & Moji document their deep relationship. With any relationship, there are ups as well as downs. By not shying away from the darkness that looms within, the duo reflects upon the flaws that make up a person. They express the utmost honesty in this exploration. Even their backstory of meeting during a worldwide pandemic hits those sweet and sour notes. On the one hand, lovely that they found each other, but on the other, sorrowful that such an extreme event even happened. However, both things can be confirmed, and light cannot exist without that contrast to the dark. With the song, they prove this to be true, of how sudden bad moments do not define a relationship but offer an opportunity for that relationship to grow stronger.

Interestingly, their voices work best when taken together. The harmonies they create reflect upon the theme established in their relationship. Never all positive or all negative, the song explores the grays that exist in between the extremes. Grace mentions how her dark side came out, which inspired the song. She’s not alone either, as there are countless moments in healthy relationships where the darkness comes out. Working through it is the critical point, and this resolution is what they offer by the end of the piece, one fitting for the mantra-like refrain of the “monster” they populate the lyricism with.

Experience the dynamic collaboration of Grace Hong and Martin Wave, the talented duo behind Grace & Moji. “Monster” offers a refreshingly honest love song, with Grace & Moji telling how to make peace with your darkness.

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