According to a Field Poll released Wednesday (PDF), Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's approval rating is at a all-time low, matching Democratic predecessor Gray Davis' ratings just before he was ousted from office.

The poll shows that only 22 percent of voters approve of the governor's performance while 70 percent disapprove. The state Legislature also received bad marks, with only 16 percent of voters in approval. Voters also feel that the condition of the state is worse now than it was under Davis' administration.

Field poll director Mark DiCamillo told the San Francisco Chronicle that an “overwhelming majority” of Californians felt that the state was heading in the wrong direction. According to DiCamillion, the low opinion spans across party lines.

“You don't even have the support of your own rank and file,” he said or Schwarzenegger. “There isn't any constituency that he has left, which is an unusual situation for a politician.”

The poll surveyed 1,390 registered voters via telephone from June 22 to July 5.

Since October, Schwarzenegger's ratings have been under 30 percent.

LA Weekly