Chipotle chile peanut butter, blueberry licorice and coconut hibiscus tea were among the winners at the first Gourmet Product Awards. The competition honors the best new gourmet products in 43 finely divided categories including condiments, confections, dairy, oils, baby products, beverages, snacks and more.

This year's winners include local talent like Malibu Pies, a Sherman Oaks-based bakery that makes savory hand-pies. Full list of winners after the jump.

Baby Product: Wean Cubes www.weangreen.com

Baked Goods – Innovation: Elizabeth Jean's Homemade Pie Kit www.elizabethjeanspiekit.com

Baked Goods – Mix: Marion's Gluten-Free Cookie and Muffin mix www.marionssmartdelights.com

Baked Goods – Packaged: Alfajor de dulce de leche (Double Caramel Filled Cookie) www.ultracongelados.com.ar

BBQ + Grilling, Barware, etc: Gourmet Grilling Planks www.afireinc.com

Beverage – Bagged Tea: Naturally Sweet Tea www.republicoftea.com

Beverage – Coffee: Mokk-a www.mokk-a.com

Beverage – Herbal Tea: Coconut Hibiscus Tea www.republicoftea.com

Beverage – Loose Leaf Tea: Milk Oolong Full-Leaf Loose Tea www.republicoftea.com

Beverages – Juice: Juices with Fruit bits www.Mayafoods.com

Beverages – Mix: Shaken Mango Passion Green Iced Tea www.bigtrain.com

Beverages – Water: HINT Fizz www.drinkhint.com

Breakfast Item: Malibu Pies www.malibupies.com

Cheese: Reading www.sbfcheese.org

Chocolate: Million Dollar Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bar www.bartonscandy.com

Condiments: Hot Mama's Sweet Pepper Sauce www.hotmamasbelize.com

Confections: Green Apple Butter Caramel www.bequetconfections.com

Cookie: Brent & Sam's Premium Soft & Chewy Snickerdoodle Cookies www.snyderslance.com

Dairy: Magnolia Premium Tropical Ice Cream www.magnoliaplease.com

Dressing and Marinades: Coconut Citrus Vinaigrette www.schoolhousekitchen.com

Fruits & Vegetables: Tillen Farms 'Bada Bing' Cherries www.tillenfarms.com

Garlic, Mushrooms & Olives: Himalaya Truffle www.greatporcini.com

Gourmet Promotions and Gift Ideas: Pie in a Jar www.sweetshopusa.com

Kitchen Utensils, Gadgets, Chef Items: Ozonator www.ozonator.com

Lifestyle and Health Choices: TopChips www.topchips.com

New Gourmet Food Products: Teaspoon Willie's Everything Sauce www.teaspoonwillies.com

Oils – Olive: Rallis Olive Oil www.icepressed.com

Oils (nut, veg, seed, other): Stoger Pumpkin Seed Oil www.culinary-imports.com

Organic: Chipotle Chile Peanut Butter www.sunlandinc.com

Popular Foods: Justin's Organic Peanut Butter Cups www.justinsnutbutter.com

Raw Foods: Rallis Olive Oil www.icepressed.com

Sauces: Ladybird – Everyday Hot Sauce www.ladybirdandfriends.com

Seafood & Fish (caviar, smoked, shell, etc): Homestyle New England Cod Cakes www.pierfish.com

Snacks – Innovation: Gary & Kit's Gourmet Mountain Mix www.cliffamilywinery.com

Snacks – Salty: Somersault Snack Co – Pacific Sea Salt www.somersaultsnackco.com

Snacks – Sweet: Panda Blueberry Licorice www.pandalicorice.com

Soups, Stews & Beans: Bookbinders Ready to Serve Soup www.bookbinderspecialties.com

Specialty Goods & Items: Keep Cup www.keepcup.com

Spices, Flavorings, Special Ingredients: Rub Joe www.rubjoemeat.com

Spreads, Syrups, Toppings, Jams, Honey etc: Seasonal Preserve Collection www.graceandi.com

Unique Delicious Foods: Grace and I's Turshi www.graceandi.com

Vinegar (Balsamic, Sherry, etc): Gingras Extra Old Apple Cider Vinegar www.cidervinegar.com

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