Following up from yesterday's post on the opening of the Gourmet Food Truck Corner in Santa Monica, city officials confirm that the mobile food court was shut down today due to zoning violations. Just hours ago, mobile food court organizer the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association tweeted, “We've been shutdown…The land owner was mistaken on some zoning issues. I'm sorry guys… Stay tuned.” A later tweet read: “Exploring options. Trying to move fast… We may need some support.”

It's going to take more than just support to get this venture rolling again, according to Yibin Shen, Deputy City Attorney. The Food Truck Corner, formerly located in a parking lot at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica, was shut down because of a breach in city zoning laws. “A mobile vending court in that location violates a number of the city's municipal codes,” says Shen. In addition, “The property owner failed to attain the proper business license,” he added regarding the parking lot owner. Sigh. Any UCLA law students want to start a food truck?

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