Gordon Ramsay is back, and ready to make some L.A. chef's life a living hell. Kitchen Nightmares is in the midst of casting its fourth season and looking for restaurants the culinary ballbuster can tear through (and hopefully improve). Chefs and owners can nominate themselves, but you can submit a request too.

Most chef head-to-heads we see on TV are about trying to top each other and prove who reigns supreme, or what have you. But Kitchen Nightmares is more so about total Ramsay domination. He descends upon a restaurant and points out every mistake its staff is making – from the disgusting to the just plain foolish – and attempts to correct. Case in point, Ramsay brings Lisa Hemmat, owner of Lido di Manhattan Ristorante & Bar in Manhattan Beach, to tears in one of last year's episodes. (Spoiler alert: There's an Office Space moment involved.) See the video after the jump.

Maybe, just maybe, you're a chef or restaurant owner looking for a little S&M relationship with Ramsay. If so, full application materials are available here.

Or perhaps you're an average L.A. diner who knows a restaurant that could use some tough love. In that case, you can call 866-226-2226 or email KitchenNightmares@TheConlinCompany.com to point producers in the right direction.

Which L.A. restaurants do you think should be nominated?

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