How cold has it been the last few nights?

Charlie Sheen hired two porn stars just to keep him warm. Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana. Frozen marijuana. And people who planned to protest the TSA's airport-security pat-downs at LAX actually begged for full-on gropings just to heat up their body temperatures.

But seriously, the city of San Gabriel this week recently tied a record low temperature of 34 degrees. And the county's health officer actually issued a “cold weather advisory” Tuesday for the valleys, mountains and deserts of Los Angeles.

Temps were expected to hit the 20s in some areas Tuesday morning.

“Because children and the elderly are especially vulnerable during such cold snaps, care should be taken to ensure they don't get too cold when they are outside,” said county health honcho Jonathan Fielding.

He noted that the county's Winter Shelter Program for the homeless was up and running.

Now, we know you East Coasters are laughing at our pain. But the 20s and 30s is cold anywhere. Give us that much.

Okay, you can snicker a little: Daytime highs in L.A. are expected to reach the low 70s by Wednesday. That's shorts weather. We do it all.

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