Got an idea for a nifty vending cart, or a crazy cool produce stand, or food transport method? Then consider entering the GOOD Magazine's Redesign Your Farmers' Market competition.

The goal is to encourage “designers, architects, farmers, chefs, vendors, and farmers' market shoppers to think about how good design can improve upon the modern farmers' market experience.” The assignment, should you chose to accept it, is to “design a new venue, product, distribution method, or marketing mechanism that increases both financial returns to farmers and access to healthy foods for consumers of all scales.”

While wild creativity is welcome, the more down to earth, perhaps the better. Vanessa Zajfen, the Farm to Institution Program Manager at Occidental College's Urban & Environmental Policy Institute and jury member, hopes “that these designs will have a life beyond this event. It is my goal to use these designs as inspiration and a visual argument/case for the actual development of such a project — be it a winning entry or an amended version of one.” Zajfen believes ultimately the competition can be about “a new food culture for Los Angeles, one that centers on good food for all.” Hallelujah to that.

Are you up to this challenge? If so, send an email to projects[at]goodmagazine[dot]com by September 1, 2009 with at least one image, a brief narrative of up to 500 words, and your name, city, and local farm or farmers' markets. But first, read up on the contest details and larger design issues.

LA Weekly