Saturday is Good Food Day L.A.. We eat, therefore we travel. That's a given to Angelenos. We're always on the move, our senses honed to check out a taste we've never experienced before in a neighborhood unfamiliar to us. So in a sense we're always learning: about the city, about the people who make our food, and about what's out there and how we can enjoy it. So take the leap and use Good Food Day L.A. as a way to enlarge your sphere of local tastes/local issues. There's so much happening on March 31 that I have a whole separate document for you.

Garden Education and Healthy Eating Education is happening literally all over the city, from Glassell Park and Frogtown, to Mid-City, many Valley locations, and lots in South L.A. There's a cabbage cooking competition and a festival that starts at 11 a.m. at Metabolic Studios under the Spring Street Bridge. Check out the schedule of activities here.

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