At 3:30 on July 26th, L.A. food blog Food GPS will host the first-ever Beer Float Showdown. The all-out battle of the brew will pit Golden State'sBeer Warriors,” Jason Bernstein and James Starr, and Tai Kim from Scoops against BottleRock's resident beer expert Alex Macy, and Brett Thompson of Milk to finally decide whose float reigns supreme.

Though some of the $23 entrance fee goes to covering the cost of Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout and brown bread ice cream, among other beer/ice cream combos, the majority of the proceeds go to benefit author Dave Eggers' non-profit tutoring program, 826LA. While many of us find the idea of pairing Ommegang Rouge with cherry sorbet innovative, those who find the pairing strange and perhaps even repellant should just think of the children and drink up.

Blue Palms Brewhouse will act as ground zero for the beer float battle where attendees will have a chance to sample and judge four 8 oz. floats from the two titans of hops, scoring on flavor, originality and presentation.

If you RSVP to joshua@foodgps.com by July 25, tickets cost $23. Otherwise, they're $28.

Blue Palms Brewhouse: 6124 Hollywood Boulevard

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