The Sex and the City movie is finally gonna happen. Whoo hoo!

The edited repeats of the show on TNT may be sanitized sex-wise, but they’re still sassy fun, and every time I watch one, I’m reminded of the countless spot-on observations and campy-cool terms about relationships, nightlife and of course, fashion that were coined on that show. Stuff that still holds true.

Like, for example when Aiden (one of the most popular baby boy names of last year by the way) bought a pear-shaped gold diamond ring to propose to Carrie. She was mortified, and when Miranda told her, “but you wear gold all the time” (referring to her famous nameplate necklace and the big hoop, name-plate earrings she wore in later episodes), her response was, “yeah but that’s ghetto gold.”

A similar term, “ghetto-fabulous” (referring to the street-meets-glam style popularized by R&B and rap mavens like Mary J Blige), bothered some when it was used on this blog a while back, the argument being the ghetto isn’t and never will be fabulous.

Well, maybe not, but if gaudy gold jewelry can make someone who can’t afford say, something from Tiffany’s, feel glamorous, then what’s the problem? (For the record, I wear my nameplates with my Tiffany, both in Silver).

The irony here is that, right now, the big gold, Mr. T look has been co-opted by the all white rich gals who used to rock Tiffany toggles. The other night, I popped into three clubs from Silver Lake to Hollywood to downtown, and I counted no less than 12 skinny, tent-dressed li’l diva’s donning humongous bamboo-molded gold earrings.

These chunky door knocker and heart-shaped mega-hoops have been staples in the hood for well-over a decade (check out an old Salt n’ Pepa video on YouTube and see what I mean) but it took a Brit and a blue-eyed former Kids Incorporated star to make 'em appealing to mall rats and hip chicks.

I’m talking about Fergie and Lily Allen. Ferg’s music at least has a hip hop flair. Lily’s stuff on the other hand, is anything but gangsta (even with the bad words). Still, it’s Allen’s fondness for freakishly big jewels that I think is singlehandedly, or rather ear-edly, responsible for what’s sure to be a lot of not so lovely, stretched out lady lobes in the future.

Wonder if Carrie Bradshaw (or more accurately, Patricia Field) will get hooped in again too.

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