Ibuki Kuramochi doesn't just make paintings. The Japanese artist becomes the painting itself, using her body as a canvas and a paintbrush as she surrounds and adorns herself with bold, swirling patterns and dramatic slashes of black paint. At this solo performance, titled Spirit, Kuramochi transmutes the formal discipline of butoh to create a darkly beautiful and strangely hypnotic new ritual in which she employs the motion and momentum of dance to propel her movements as a live painter. As she unwinds and unfolds her limbs with saturnine grace, Kuramochi invokes and reconnects with the spirits of the natural world in a hybrid of dance, art and music that is moving and lulling.

The Terasaki Nibei Foundation, 11570 W. Olympic Blvd., West L.A.; Sat., May 11, 6 p.m.; free. (310) 479-6101.

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