I can't sleep. Having Danica McKellar sign my math book got me so psyched up that I stayed up all night and now I'm incredibly tired. What will wake me up? I know! The Pantheon of Leather Weekend 20th Anniversary! What better way to enter a voyeuristic fugue state than to witness the International Mr. & Ms. Olympus Leather Contest? The pansexual dungeon parties? The play spaces for men and women? Stove Top instead of potatoes? I'm stayin'! The Pantheon of Leather Awards, which exist to “promote a positive image of the Leather lifestyle,” is also fraught with workshops and seminars: “Fingers Flying,” for deaf perverts, or simply those whose senses have been temporarily deprived; Master Malik's demonstrations of whip play and mummification; and Cirque de Sade founder Orpheus Black's symposia on “Knife Play,” “Fire Play” and “Breath Play.” Also: luminaries such as International Ms. Olympus Leather 2009 Mistress Simone, Lesbian Leatherwoman Lady Erika Storm, and Weekly-profiled pony girl SubMissAnn. It's a weekend of sensuality and stimulation that can't be beat — wait a minute, yes it can! Hold still, weekend!

Thu., Aug. 12, noon; Fri., Aug. 13, noon; Sat., Aug. 14, noon; Sun., Aug. 15, noon, 2010

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