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Steven A. Franz resides in the heart of South Texas. A young, 24 years old content creator, who has taken YouTube by storm with several viral videos. You might’ve seen him as a public interviewer with a bold array of questions. However, we see him as a thrill-seeker living his life to the extremes.

There has to be some reason behind our young social sensation that he seeks to inspire people to live their life. What’s the core belief or explanation that makes him tackle each day? Let’s delve deeper into his personality to find out what makes Steven Franz feel alive.

The Dauntless Challenger

If you look at his professional record, Steven A Franz has served in Texas State Government, Congress, and Federal Government. But if you dive a little deeper, he first challenged himself when he was in 8th Grade. Our young enthusiast decided to skip high school by clearing out SAT’s and THEA. As a result? He persuaded his Associate’s Degree in ParaLegal Studies by 16.

Steven has always been fond of endurance sports. He trains himself regularly through rigorous workouts. It’s evident from his achievements as the youngest man to finish the 100-mile Ultramarathon of texas. That shows his resilience, and when you look a little further, he achieved the title of the youngest Ironman of California. Both of these events test the merit of a person, and the rising influencer broke the records.

There’s a third title where he’s been youngest! And it was as a Political Science Major (Graduate) from St. Austin University of Texas. So, not only did he challenge himself physically, but he also honed his mental prowess!

Let The Adventure Sports Expose!

There’s a saying that the closer you live to danger, the more alive you feel. How true can it be? Well, we can see our mesmeric influencer is a licensed sky and scuba diver. This literally means he can reach the skies or dive deepest into the oceans! He has tasted life in every spectrum and side from professional to thrilling.

That’s where you get that zeal of life! The surging energy of excitement and passion blends to bring you immense vitality. That’s what drives the young social influencer to inspire people!

Steven is looking at you through his cameras. He’s telling you, “Guys! I am out there, living my best life. What’s stopping you?” Leading by the example, he wants to get out there and get what you always dreamt of, and he’s not going to stop with his content to motivate you! So keep your belts fastened because the ride’s about to get to the next level with Steven Franz!

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