Ah, the lovely go-go dancer. Too chaste to be a stripper, but freaky enough to let you see up her skirt while she dances for little money.

Or, in this case, you might be looking up his skirt too.

Because this is West Hollywood. And, while this town's leadership rarely sees a huge corporate development it doesn't like, the city is liberal.

To a point.

Because this ain't Stripper Appreciation Day. It's …

… Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day! It happens Oct. 29. Bad choice of date if you ask us: Everyone will be dressed as a go-go dancer for Halloween. How could you tell the pros from the fakes?

Anyway, Saturday is the night you go out to peer up at your favorite raver girl dressed in a 6-inch long mini skirt.

The West Hollywood City Council, being just edgy enough to endorse this particular form of perversion (how West Coast of it), has unanimously approved having the town co-sponsor this epic day, according to Weho Daily.

Way to get behind (or, in those cases where the dancers are on stages and pedestals, under) a cause. The day will feature an amateur go-go competition on Larrabee Street north of Santa Monica Boulevard, according to the Daily.

Weho is claiming this go-go phenomenon with gusto. Sort of like how L.A. Mayor Antonio Vilaraigosa often says that Los Angeles is the world capital of this and that (farmer's markets, “eco-fashion,” biotech).

West Hollywood Mayor John J. Duran, via the News:

From the Whisky to Micky's, from Voyeur to Club Eleven – go-go dancers perform all year long for the delight of both locals and tourists in West Hollywood. We have more go-go dancers per square mile than any other city in America and it's time we celebrated their efforts and hard work!

So West Hollywood is the capital of go-go.

Except that the area's sexiest go-go dancers are actually just outside town — at Avalon Hollywood. We'll be celebrating — in the city of L.A.


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