Local Latina punk band Go Betty Go have just released their 2005 album Nothing Is More on vinyl — red vinyl, no less — and to celebrate, they're going out on tour with old friends The Dollyrots. They hit the Hi Hat this week, so we spoke to singer Nicolette Vilar about it all.

L.A. WEEKLY: You guys seem to play with The Dollyrots a lot. How did that relationship begin?
NICOLETTE VILAR: Back in the early 2000s we often played at a bar called Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park. There were a handful of us bands that got to know each other through that music scene. Mr. T’s Bowl was a seedy and rambunctious bar/venue in all the right ways, and we all became friends because it became a weekly event. The Dollyrots, Los Abandoned, The Peak Show and Get Set Go were just a few of the bands that would play often.  A lot of very good music was made during those days, and it was an incredible learning and inspiring time for all of us. The basement vibe that the bar had allowed us to not feel intimidated by our surroundings and we were free to experiment and have fun. We established a friendship with Kelly and Luis (The Dollyrots) since our Mr. T’s days and ran into each other while touring cross-country over the years. We share mutual fans, so whenever we have an opportunity to play with our friends, it turns into a win-win for all.

When Go Betty Go reunited in 2012, The Dollyrots were there for us as friends and as comrades. A lot had changed in the music industry, and their advice was priceless to us. Our music is different enough that we don’t step on each other's toes but similar in a way that we hope people will enjoy both bands. Plus we love them and their kids are the sweetest thing since apple pie.

Any sign of new material?
We have an archive of unrecorded material that we’ve been slowly building up so that hopefully this year we can get back into the recording studio. We still have some work ahead of us but I’m thinking we’ll have enough for a full-length. Fingers crossed.

What's your fave and least fave thing about going out on tour?
I love the feeling of an open road, looking out the window and seeing all the landscapes pass me by. Talking to the girls in the van about everything and anything because we know we have time to kill. It’s always fun to check out the venues and get to know the people who live in these faraway places. Performing, of course, is the best part. I love singing.

What can we expect from your Hi Hat set?
A high-energy, fun rock show, A new T-shirt design and a new poster design. I love the Hi Hat because that whole street is full of fun bars and it’s easy to find parking if you get there early. Plus it’s close to home.

What's next for Go Betty Go in 2019?
In late spring we're releasing our first album, Nothing Is More, on vinyl for the first time ever on Wiretap Records. We're also playing Punk Rock Bowling, the 25th anniversary Warped Tour reunion in San Francisco and other soon-to-be-announced shows. We are also setting aside time to finish the new songs and hopefully get back into the recording studio.

Go Betty Go play with The Dollyrots and Fruits & Flowers at 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 30, at the Hi Hat.

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