News of a glow stick explosion in Texas has rocked the nightlife world. No, not really. A glow stick bracelet malfunction did injure a 13-year-old girl, who said she was playing with the accessory when it broke and squirted liquid into her eyes.

The teen experienced vision problems and, she said, “”My whole face got really, really, red.” Somewhat like a bright red glow stick. This is an apt warning for all you Halloween glow stickers out there. Los Angeles is by far the glow-stick capital of the nation. And with major, rave-like Halloween parties happening at the Shrine Auditorium, the Coliseum and all the superclubs tonight and tomorrow, there could be more than 100,000 people spinning these neon bombs over the weekend.

Be careful. Remember what mom said. You'll poke your eye out. Plus, glow sticks are downright cheesy. Nobody cares what kind of 1999 moves you can do with a pair of glowing green airport-traffic lights. Leave them at home.

In fact, the biggest tragedy here, besides the blurry vision of one teenager, is that this glow-stick malfunction didn't happen to some douche at a DJ Tiesto concert. Getting green goo all over his A/X t-shirt would serve as fair warning to all trance-heads to stop the glow-stick madness. Alas, an innocent girl was wounded to serve as an example to all you e-tards.

Our next public service announcement will be about the dangers of spiky hair.

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