Gloria Allred is perhaps the most sophisticated of celebrity lawyers. If there's a booby being inappropriately touched in the workplace somewhere, you know she'll be front-and-center with the victim, surrounded by a sea of news cameras.

But today Allred herself is being painted as a, well, boob.

She inadvertently blasted her media contact list to her … media contacts yesterday. This gives you some insight into how Allred shamelessly gets press:

The email that went out 9:48 a.m. yesterday was titled “Woman Who Alleged That She Had a Thirteen-Year Affair with Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain to Walk the Red Carpet with Gloria Allred.”

Yeah. This is what it was about:

Attorney Gloria Allred will walk the red carpet with her guest, Ginger White, at the Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party on Sunday …

… Ms. White … decided to go public with her allegation of a thirteen year affair with Mr. Cain …

The blast wasn't blind copied (bcc'd). Rather it was directly mailed “to,” so that the names and email addresses of the 380 recipients were included. They're a who's who of media types in L.A., including a few contacts at the Weekly. (See the full list here).

But 380 is a relatively small list, leading some to wonder if she's doing it right (trust us, she is).

Twitter user John LaHair:

Only 380 media contacts on Gloria Allred's distribution list? Looks like she needs a better p.r. pro

Andrew Starr tweeted:

Mass pitching usually isn't a good idea anyway. But at least make sure to avoid this …

Others, however, were impressed. Debra Pickett:

Well, we already knew she was a lawyer with a great media list

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