Global Source Advisors: Redefining Accessibility to Healthcare Products Nationwide

A group of entrepreneurs are working hard to improve the lives of people across the US, one preventive healthcare test at a time. With the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the importance of proactive healthcare, companies like GSA have stepped up to deliver tailored healthcare products to businesses to enhance the wellbeing of their employees and provide them with the means to take control of their health in a new way.

“Our current healthcare system is inefficient and a majority of people generally don’t have control over their health. It is our goal to make healthcare products more affordable and accessible so people can identify health issues to avoid long term illness and disease,” says Matt Hoffman, COO & Co-Founder. “We’ve identified that the most effective way to get these products into the hands of millions of people is through their employer as employee benefits.”

Global Source Advisors is a distinguished company focused on providing healthcare solutions to businesses and medical groups across the United States. Since its entry into the healthcare industry, GSA’s focus has been on improving people’s health and productivity through its at-home healthcare product offerings. The company strives to demonstrate their ability to sell and scale products to its clients while maintaining a boutique approach as a reliable partner. GSA’s goal is to spread awareness for employers across the United States to the attractiveness of offering at-home healthcare services to their employees, while increasing accessibility to preventive care for all.

Among their new products, GSA recently launched a partnership with LetsGetChecked, a vertically integrated, at-home health and wellness diagnostic testing company. LetsGetChecked offers over 30 at-home tests for men and women, including biometric screening, colon cancer, diabetes, women’s hormone and fertility testing, and more. In addition, the company manufactures its own tests, owns its own labs and pharmacy, and has an internal clinician team to handle the entire virtual care pathway for individuals in their healthcare journey. Businesses can offer these tests as an employee benefits perk, and this streamlined process not only promotes a healthier work environment, but also lowers healthcare costs long term in preventing diseases. Matt Hoffman, COO and Co-Founder, added, “Our goal is to increase the accessibility of healthcare products for people across the country, while offering benefits to both employees and employers for participating in our program.”

GSA’s success is owed in part to the founders’ extensive backgrounds in real estate and finance, which have given them a profound understanding of executing high-level transactions at an institutional level, while understanding the importance of cultivating trustworthy relationships. Over the last two and a half years, the effectiveness of their approach has been unequivocally demonstrated by an impressive $40 million in total revenue and over seven million products sold. This accomplishment is a testament to the company’s strong position in the marketplace and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, as evidenced by their consistency in customer satisfaction.

“The pandemic has accelerated a movement in healthcare testing and initial appointments to more of an at-home, self-administered and virtual model,” says Matt Schwartz, CEO and Co-Founder of GSA. “GSA’s mission is to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for our clients by offering a variety of healthcare products and services to businesses nationwide, allowing employees to take greater control of their health and well-being, and educating employers on this new frontier of at-home healthcare. Those with the foresight to adopt and offer these practices to their employees will see a dramatic shift in employee retention, reduce overall healthcare costs and premiums, have a healthier workforce, and most importantly help prevent long-term diseases for their employee populations.”

Austin Recht, President and Co-Founder, says, “We truly believe that happier and healthier employees yield a more productive workforce. Implementing our products is a win-win situation for employers and employees.”

While many opportunistic individuals entered the healthcare industry intending to generate quick profits during the pandemic, GSA chose to be transparent and focus on their clients to ensure long-term success and establish themselves as reliable and trustworthy partners. By adopting this approach, they have differentiated themselves from their competitors and ultimately emerged as a leader in the industry.

GSA’s mission goes beyond just providing healthcare solutions to businesses and medical groups; they aim to redefine healthcare accessibility through at-home preventive testing. By prioritizing at-home healthcare products and partnering with LetsGetChecked, GSA offers over 30 at-home tests that employers can offer as a perk to their employees, promoting a healthier work environment while lowering healthcare costs in the long run.

GSA remains committed to being a dependable partner in the healthcare sector, extending its product offerings while constantly focusing on trust and transparency. Through their dedication to providing exceptional customer service and innovative healthcare solutions, GSA is well-positioned to emerge as a leader in changing the way healthcare is currently handled, offering huge benefits for employees and employers alike.

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