A protest outside Glendale Unified School District offices turned into a brawl as the board discussed incorporating an LGBTQ+ curriculum Tuesday.

Hundreds gathered for what Glendale PD called a mostly peaceful protest, despite videos showing violence.

Protesting parents wore various shirts with sayings such as, “Just a dad trying not to raise a liberal,” “F*ck around and find out,” and “Leave our kids alone.”

Opposite of those protesters were supporters of the district’s LGBTQ+ plans and were seen waving Pride flags.

Glendale PD said a small group agitated the crowds, escalating into unlawful use of pepper spray by some and obstruction of the officers, leading to at least three arrests.

“Once the protest exceeded the bounds of peaceful assembly and in adherence to our duty to protect public safety, a dispersal order was given…” Glendale PD said in a media release.

Videos from the protest were widely circulated on social media, showing different points of the physical fighting between the demonstrators.

At one point it appeared that a man with a shaved head punched a woman who had already been thrown to the ground.


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When Glendale PD failed to de-escalate the violence, it gave dispersal orders at around 6 p.m.

“In California, we celebrate the beauty of pluralism — how our diverse communities, heritages, and identities belong and, together, make us whole,” Governor Gavin Newsom said in a statement about the fighting protesters. “Glendale represents the best of this commitment, but the hate we saw on full display last night does not. What should have been a routine vote — simply recognizing Pride Month for the fourth year in a row — turned to violence. The words of the resolution did not change from years past, but what has changed is a wave of division and demonization sweeping our nation. With hate on the rise nationally, we must rise together in California to affirm what both Pride Month and Immigrant Heritage Month represent — that in the Golden State, no matter who you are or what diverse community you are from, you belong.”

That same night, the Los Angeles Unified School District board unanimously approved its own resolution to formally celebrate Pride month at its schools and provide resources to students who may need them.

“We are a diverse community at Los Angeles Unified, and we are deeply committed to fostering a safe and welcoming learning environment for all,” LAUSD Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said in a statement. “We must continue to stand against hate and violence and move toward inclusion and unity. Everyone at Los Angeles Unified deserves to feel supported, and it’s our collective responsibility to ensure all students have the resources they need to thrive academically and emotionally.”









































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