GirlzLuhDev is a Top Tier Artist: Inland Empire rapper GirlzLuhDev has released new single and video “Top Tier” via Capitol Records.

The song is the 19-year-old’s follow-up to the “Kill Time” single that was released in June, and is further evidence of a rise that started back in 2020 when he was 17 with the “Tooka” single (the video for which has now amassed over 3.2 million views).

According to the press release, “‘Top Tier’ sets Dev’s earworm melodies and one-of-a-kind, twang-like delivery against a smooth backdrop of heavy bass and jackhammer beats. After immediately commanding attention with the track’s opening lyric (‘You scared of heights? Let’s face your fears’), Dev dominates every line with his masterful wordplay and effortless confidence (e.g., ‘With me everything feel like magic/With me better think before your actions’).”

It’s a catchy tune with a nasal refrain, as the artist informs a certain someone that they “act bougie but you not.” He can’t be too mad though, because later he appears to tell the same person that, “I just wanna fuck you in a headstand, I just wanna fuck you and your best friend.” Ambitious!

As for the video, they say, “Directed by Shotbylate, the video for ‘Top Tier’ captures Dev in his natural environment and perfectly amplifies the track’s supremely laid-back energy. Whether he’s lingering on the balcony of a city high-rise or holding court at a party, Dev lights up the screen with his mellowed-out and magnetic presence.”

GirlzLuhDev is a Top Tier Artist: GirlzLuhDev’s “Top Tier” is out now. 

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