If you've ever been photographed striking a pose in front of Chris Burden's “Urban Lights” sculpture at LACMA – admit it, you know you have – then you know it makes for the ideal social media profile photo: you can show off your head-to-toe wardrobe while also proving that you're a cultured museum-goer who “gets” modern art, yet doesn't take herself too seriously.

It's no surprise, then, that Burden's 2008 sculpture appears repeatedly in profile photos for the dating app Tinder. And now a new Tumblr, “Tinder Girls Posing at LACMA,” catalogs nearly every instance of a Tinder profile photo in front of “Urban Lights,” as well as Michael Heizer's “Levitated Mass” and Jesus Rafael Soto's “Penetrable,” all large-scale public art works at LACMA. 

The Tumblr appears to have been created in April, and to date, there are more than 20 posts. Almost all of the girls are in their mid-20s. Some are seen goofily climbing on Burden's lampposts while others clutch Rafael Soto's yellow hoses with big smiles on their faces; others point up at Heizer's 340-ton granite rock as if to say, “Swipe right. Let me rock your world.” 


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Questions remain about the mysterious creator of this Tumblr: Is he swiping left or right on these Tinder girls? Has he taken any of them out on a Tinder date yet? Was their first date at LACMA? And furthermore, is he even a guy looking to meet girls? Maybe not. But we can infer by his (or her) shared interests that the Tumblr creator is a Facebook fan of LACMA (big surprise!), 30 Rock, the L.A. Lakers and Kobe Bryant. In other words, just about anyone in L.A.

No matter who the mastermind behind “Tinder Girls Posing at LACMA,” though, it does raise the question: Are your Tinder photos, intended to be seen only by your potential hook-up, fair use for the Internet to gawk at on Tumblr? If that's the case, then surely there are loads of Tinder guys who've also posed in front of LACMA, and why isn't anyone putting those photos on public display? Surely, there's a “Tinder Guys Posing at LACMA” yet to be launched.   

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