The Girl Scout Cookie season is just about to start, an annual event to which some of us look forward with more anticipation and excitement than Christmas. If you were not lucky enough to have a co-worker waving around Girl Scout Cookie order forms at the office last month, and you're loath to scan the entrance of every grocery store for the telltale green columns of Thin Mints, try, instead, the 21st-century solution to that 20th-century problem: the Cookie Locator App, available as a free download for your iPhone and Android-based device.

The Cookie Locator will pick up your location if your GPS is turned on, or you can plug in your Zip code. Once it has your location data, it will give you addresses of the nearest bake sales as a list or as a Google Map.

You also can look for nearby cookie sales via the online cookie locator, but then again, only the app has the Girl Scout Cookie equivalent of the Myers-Briggs test. “What's Your Cookie Personality?” asks you to pick your favorite cookie. Choose Thin Mints and you're “popular, strong and confident.” Trefoils are “loyal, true blue and honest.” Not as insightful as knowing whether you're an ISFJ or or ENTJ, sure, but much, much more fun.

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