The notorious black bear of northern L.A. County reportedly spent some quality time in the Glendale suburbs last night, trolling for tuna and meatballs as he's been known to do.

But this time, he stuck around until morning — causing an L.A. media frenzy we've not seen the likes of since Caltrans shut down the 405.

KTLA's helicopter followed him down Briggs Avenue…

… and into an alleyway between apartments. That's when the second-best moment of the frenzy was captured on video (we'll get to first prize in a second). It just might be the most effective PSA against texting-while-walking in the history of the sport:

[Update: In case KTLA removes the YouTube video, here's a grainier version on the station's website.]

Yes, the KTLA anchors in the helicopter are openly laughing at this guy, who probably just saw his life flash before his eyes.

But the fun could only last for so long! Department of Fish and Game officials were soon called on by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to tranquilize the 300-to-600-pound beast (depending on who you talk to), an old friend of theirs from aforementioned meatball incident.

But this time, the poor dude will get a tracker, so totalitarian Fish and Game folks can follow his every move through Angeles National Forest.

Here, the sad yet epic haul of comatose black bear, surrounded by an absolute racket of media hounds and bored Glendale residents. Video courtesy of NBC LA's Antonio Castelan:

No more dumpster-diving and human-spooking for this Glendale hooligan. Despite his community services, re: ridding our streets of one more texting pedestrian!

Before we go, here's a slightly hilarious news flash from the L.A. County Sheriff:

Montrose bear active in area 3 weeks. Always ran away when saw humans: good bear behavior. Now tranquilized. Never been caught before. Adult black bear is 250-300 lbs.Confident that this is same bear frequenting Montrose, Glendale, and LaCrescenta. Will be taken far away to the forest.

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