Watch as Ghostface comes face to face with the new math reality of the downward death spiral that we call the recorded music industry. You got to love his honesty here. Ghostface's new album has gotten great notices, many saying it's better than the Wu-Tang Clan album.

But the soundscan numbers? Not quite up to Killah's expectations. 115,000 MySpace Friends does not equal anywhere near 100,000 in sales.

I think my favorite part is Ghostface's offer to anyone who has a real copy of his CD to come down to the show and you can have a one on one meeting with him. “I'll kick it with y'all, we can get Goose'd out, whatever you want to do man.”

“I'm asking y'all to go the store and buy that man.”

And hey – if Ghostface had 115k Myspace friends when he posted this, he now has almost 120k, which is nice, but friends don't buy you fish, you know what I mean?

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