Getting to Know Ensie Durin, Locsanity’s New Brand Ambassador

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Hair is as integral to identity as voice is to speech. How a person wears their hair can speak volumes about their self expression, heritage or cultural identity. While some hairstyles are celebrated by the mainstream, others showcasing the beauty of Afro-textured hair have not received the same embrace. Laws, such as the CROWN Act, protect against discrimination in employment and education, ensuring that natural hairstyles such as locs, Afros and Bantu knots do not eliminate opportunities for the people who predominantly wear them.

Additionally, companies such as Locsanity, a Florida-based loc, natural hair, and personal care brand, have been helping to increase awareness and acceptance. The brand has developed a line of hair care products that women, men, and children can use to bring out the beauty and versatility of their locs.

And now, Locsanity is taking things even further…

Enter Ensie Durin, The New Face of Locsanity

Ensie Durin is a professional model based in Atlanta, Georgia. Born in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, and raised in Homestead, Florida, she describes herself as a wanderer at heart; a lover of adventure.

In this new role as Locsanity’s Global Brand Ambassador, Durin will be featured prominently in advertising and marketing campaigns for the brand, helping to educate others about the beauty and significance of locs. Like Locsanity’s founder, Charmaine James, Durin had to combat many negative stereotypes when she began her loc journey. However, now she feels empowered realizing how amazing her Afro-textured hair has always been and the state in which it thrives.

As a Black woman who chose locs, Durin has grown to appreciate the uniqueness of her natural, coily hair and is happy to share her knowledge with others. Her advice to young Black girls is that they should be proud of their natural hair, and that it’s worth the effort to take good care of it.

“Your natural hair is absolutely beautiful, from birth ‘til old age,” says Durin. ”How you take care of your natural hair is how you perceive yourself. Perceive yourself well, take care of your hair!”

In addition to modeling, Durin also works a regular 9-5 and runs her own business. She juggles it all with poise and grace and is excited to represent a brand she knows works wonders for her locs. Locsanity flew her to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for her first test shoot and the entire team was enthralled with her presence, professionalism and personality.

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Freeing Black, Natural Hair

Asked what she is passionate about, Durin points to freedom.

“I am most passionate about freedom,” she says. “I like when people are free, I like operating in freedom. So when I come across anywhere that the freedom bell rings, I’m ringing that bell…with full passion!”

Durin’s passion is perfectly aligned with Locsanity’s mission –  “to bring pride and sanity to the natural care journey of [it’s] customers.” Locsanity envisions a world where people can be free to wear their locs or loose, natural hair, without fear of judgement or reprimand.

Locsanity runs a monthly blog where it educates readers on how to take care of their locs and loose, natural hair. Within these lessons, the company tries to dispel myths about locs, and/or dreadlocks, such as them being dirty, unclean, or unprofessional. The company also educates customers about their 99% plant-based products, as well as their loc tools and accessories.

To achieve true freedom, Locsanity believes that education and visibility are crucial in eradicating the negative and entrenched stereotypes against locs. The brand signed on as a 2023 sponsor of LOCnificent Fest, an annual event celebrating the beauty and diversity of locs and natural hair. The concept is the brainchild of Lovaeta Amoko and one Locsanity believes is in perfect alignment with its mission.

A Win-Win Partnership

“We really couldn’t have asked for a better spokesperson than Ensie,” says Locsanity’s founder & CEO, Charmaine James. “I see so much of myself in her and our loc journeys are so similar.”

Ensie has already hit the ground running with content that Locsanity’s customers love. She hopes to be an inspiration to anyone who has thought of loc’ing their hair but was afraid to take that step due to societal pressure. For women starting out on their loc journey, she offers this advice:

“Take care of you…and just choose you, whether the workforce is against it [or not]. The same way that you choose you in relationships, in life, in self-care, choose yourself in that way.”

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