Get to know entrepreneur Ben Pawson, founder of Cadence Talent taking the world by surprise using ingenuity to set it apart.

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photographer: Holly McCandless-Desmond (@hmdfilm)

We have something a little different to present. I’m glad to introduce Ben Pawson, founder of Cadence Talent, the digital agency responsible for dictating the US Spotify charts and pushing global brands. With a roster reaching more than 150 million followers, he has caught the attention of millions of people around the globe. Ben came up with the idea during the COVID pandemic where he lost his job. Seeking new experiences, part ways to create something completely different. Taking bedroom creators from all continents, bringing them into real life, and making them profitable.

Cadence Talent prides itself on inclusivity and diversity. Including an impressive blend of people from different backgrounds. Featuring LGBT people, people of colour, disabled artists, and cosplayers. Working closely with influential brands in music, fashion, and tech such as Dior Beauty, Prada, Miu Miu, Givenchy Beauty, Nike, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Paramount, FX Network, Disney, Fortnite, Epic Games, Tilbury, Urban Decay, Mac, Ray Ban. Sporting an impressive roster of services like weekly song promotions and music collaborations, monthly brand endorsement deals, VIP event access and red-carpet moments, gifting from global brands, support on multiple career verticals (media, fashion, music), Tik Tok community support & verification push, developing and launching product lines and merchandise to mention a few.   These services allow artists to take their career to the next level and maximize their potential. All these services are tailored to each artist’s individual needs, ensuring they get the best out of their career. In addition to allowing artists to fully embrace their success, this comprehensive list will enable them to reach all the heights they have ever dreamed of. This comprehensive list of services provides artists with the tools they need to reach their full potential. By offering personalized services, they are able to make sure that the artist is getting the best possible support in order to achieve their goals. This allows the artist to have more control over their career and to be more successful.

Ben pretty much built Cadence Talent from scratch, representing and taking this generation’s voices to the forefront. He works closely with each of his artists, providing them with guidance and support that is tailored to their individual needs. He has helped numerous artists find success in the industry, and it’s clear that his passion and dedication to his work have paid off. Ben’s dedication to his work is remarkable. He puts in countless hours to ensure the success of his artists, and his commitment to helping them reach their goals is inspiring. He is constantly working to improve his skills and knowledge so that he can better serve his artists, and he is always looking for new ways to help them succeed.

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