Get Him to the Greek! (Or the Roxy) Infant Sorrow Invades Sunset Strip

Infant Sorrow Invades Sunset Strip; Credit: Timothy NorrisInfant Sorrow Invades Sunset Strip; Credit: Timothy Norris

Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, Judd Apatow and crew took over the Roxy on May 24 to promote the upcoming release 'Get Him to the Greek.' Infant Sorrow (along with Libertine Carl Barat) performed songs from the film. Does Russell remember his movie lines the way he remembers lyrics on show night? (Let's just say, more than one lyric sheet was passed around at the Roxy, all in good fun.) Mr. Brand was at his best though when riffing on audience member's suggestion of a threesome to which he promptly issued guide lines that “only if it's two girls, 'cause two guys only doubles the chance of someone farting.” Or the bit about something or other being covered in “…cum, human cum.” Of course they talked about the movie, but this was about the music.

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