An L.A. street artist is letting anyone get two words tattooed on her body for $10 per phrase. Illma Gore says you can get your name tattooed on her body, but she didn't rule out the possibility that some people will opt for silly pairings like “penis butt.”

The art is in the journey, she says, and she'll document the tattooing process with video cameras once it gets underway.

“I am my own ultimate canvas,” Gore says. “Like my art exhibitions and murals, this is a social and artistic experiment. Each person's name to me represents YOU, the main protagonist in your own story. I will be covered in a hundred tiny stories.”

The artist has already surpassed her $6,000 goal with 24 days left of fundraising via Kickstarter.

“I am prepared to be covered in names from toe to ass, stomach to head if I have to,” the 6-foot-tall artist says.

Credit: Illma Gore

Credit: Illma Gore

This week she had raised nearly $9,000 to get her performance art project off the ground. On Facebook, noting that the project had surpassed its fundraising goal, she said, “We did it … I am so excited to have you all on me.”

Gore says she'll start getting inked up at the end of the campaign. She said she expects the work to take at least 60 hours. An exhibition night would be launched to show them off, she said.

Credit: Illma Gore

Credit: Illma Gore

“There is something absurd and beautiful about having an accumulation of absolute strangers' names draped over my pale goth skin,” she says, “even if half of them are 'Penis Butt.'”

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