You woke up late only to find a $60 parking ticket under your wiper because you failed to move your wheels for a street sweeper that has yet to come? A group of USC students has started a company that will text you reminders to move your car on sweeping days for $20 a year.

“Along with three of my USC friends, we have started a business to combat street sweeping tickets in Los Angeles, which is a huge and very annoying problem,” says Peter Anderson.

“We were fed up with waking up to street sweeping tickets on our cars around the USC area, so we created a simple solution to try and stop it,” he said.

Customers in the city of Los Angeles can site up at the Stop Parking Tickets Now! site and pay the $20 through Google Checkout.

The idea seems to follow the lead of a Santa Monica company, Ticket Angels, that will also warn subscribers of impending street-sweeping tickets there.

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