The Mae Shi jump start the night with some fresh blood. They'll be at the Smell in downtown Jan. 3rd, 2008.

The Adolescents get the pit rockin! The hardcore fans swallowed this set a little easier than the Germs set with the “actor” in the vocal slot. Frank Agnew, Jr. on guitar. (Uncle Frank Agnew is listed as the current guitarist, but the kid was young)

The Germs: “You Don't Know Punk!” scrawled across the chest of Shane West.

Say what they may, the pit was just as intense during this set as it was for the Adolescents.

The Germs (above): Shane West taunting the crowd from the stage with a beer. Later he he made due with some french fries from out of the hands of the babes sitting on stage right. The stage turned into a mess.

A fan takes to the stage with a death grip on Pat Smear's leg. As she's being pulled off stage she gets hold of the mic and starts in on the words to “Caught In My Eye”. The band backs security down and she stays on stage. Shane gets into a bag of chips while she's “singing”. She knows the entire song including the breaks. This may have received the loudest cheer of the night for the Germs.

Pat Smear and Don Bolles

All Photos by Timothy Norris

LA Weekly