A boy formerly listed as a varsity soccer player at El Camino Real High School in the Valley was killed last night by a hit-and-run Toyota Corolla, reports City News Service.

German Alex Romero and a friend, both 17, were riding their bicycles in the suburban Valley community of Canoga Park at around 9 p.m. — heading north on a whizzing, six-lane De Soto Avenue toward Valerio Street — when a Corolla hatchback described as gray with passenger-side damage rammed into Romero from behind.

The driver reportedly sped off without stopping to help or see if Romero was OK, leaving the other 17-year-old — who was not injured, as he'd been riding in the far-right lane — alone to handle the tragic accident.

Police declared Romero dead at the scene.

Romero's profile picture; Credit: Facebook

Romero's profile picture; Credit: Facebook

Max Prep lists the victim as a varsity player and top scorer on El Camino Real High men's soccer for the 2010-11 season, during which the team had a stellar 8-0-2 league record and 18-2-5 record overall.

However, he may have recently transferred: City News identifies Romero as a current senior at Chatsworth High, also located in the San Fernando Valley.

LAPD investigators are currently searching for the hit-and-run driver. Anyone with additional informational about the crime is urged to call Valley traffic cops at (818) 644-8034 or (818) 644-8032.

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