Despite speculation that George Lopez is suffering the same fate at TBS that Conan O'Brien walked away from at NBC when it was proposed that Jay Leno's return to late night shuffle the redhead's show back a half hour, the Latino comedian says he's more than okay with Conan taking his 11 p.m. slot.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Lopez argued that O'Brien's move to TBS in fall, with Lopez's talk show moving back to midnight, will improve his lead-in audience. “Conan's younger and being fresher and having a different approach, I think it's a perfect match that not only can succeed but be on TV for a long time and TBS a true destination in late night, which would take it away completely from the [broadcast] networks,” Lopez said.

O'Brien is expected to start at TBS in November. Lopez joked that “I don't feel like I'm moving for the red man.”

“It's a partnership that works,” he said. “I don't mind following Conan.”

During his show Monday night Lopez welcomed O'Brien to the network and coined a new name for the two-comedian, late-night line-up: LoCo. “Now everybody can 'Go LoCo,'” Lopez said.

LA Weekly