In the wake of the Miramonte Elementary School sex abuse scandal the Los Angeles Times has unearthed yet another case of an L.A. school district staffer accused of lewd acts who continued to work around children nonetheless.

The crux of the story: George Hernandez, a career substitute teacher, was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior in front of or with grade-school students three times but continued teaching and, when he came to the end of his ropes at the district, simply left for Inglewood Unified.

And here's the deal, according to the Times' expert sources:

While prosecutors apparently felt they didn't have enough to charge Hernandez following allegations that he touched himself on campus, rubbed students, and touched a girl's genitals, the L.A. Unified School District should have at least reported him to the state Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

That body could have possibly pulled his credentials so Hernandez wouldn't teach again.

But, based on outdated references, Hernandez got a job at Inglewood Unified, which was apparently unaware of the allegations at L.A. Unified.

While at Inglewood Unified, police allege, the teacher molested a 7-year-old before fleeing to Mexico, according to the Times.

Based on that last allegation, detectives got a search warrant and eventually found at least a half dozen videos in which there was “inappropriate” behavior involving Hernandez and students, including footage dating back his days at … L.A. Unified, according to the Times.


More alleged molestation at L.A. Unified, unreported to students and teachers and now, apparently, caught on tape.

Ring a bell?

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