Gene Loves Jezebel Back at the Whisky: This would be Michael Aston’s version of Gene Loves Jezebel, as the Aston twins are still apparently at war. We got Jay Aston’s band here for Cruel World, but Michael’s is the US-based group. It is what it is. Willen McCormick, Dizzylilacs, Boys in Shorts, Goodnights, Dazmin D’Leon & Ditch the Ego, and Belle & Rudy also play.

We reviewed the band in July of last year, at an ’80s show at the House of Blues in Anaheim. We said, “The saga of Gene Loves Jezebel is storied and troubling. Twin brothers Michael and Jay Aston remain at odds and each has their own version of the band. This was Michael’s, the version based in the States, though Jay’s GLJ was recently in town for the Cruel World Fest. Fans generally consider Jay’s to be the bonafide band. That said, this band was great fun at the HOB. Possibly the best of the evening. Michael preened and pranced around the stage like the gothic Marc Bolan that he is, bringing out his daughter and friends on her birthday to sing a raucous ‘Gorgeous’ with him. ‘Desire,’ meanwhile, was simply epic. Not bad, sir.”

More of the same, please.

Gene Loves Jezebel Back at the Whisky: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 26 at the Whisky A Go Go.





























































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