Updated after the jump: The snitchers were Marina del Rey residents Patrice Karst, 51, and Mark Abel, 52. Turns out they might be dished misdemeanor charges!

A couple of RadarOnline tipsters were way pumped to witness perpetually troubled Gary Busey, a Malibu resident, pulled over by sheriff's deputies yesterday after being “alerted by fellow motorists of a black Mercedes driving erratically.” (The same day he was announced as a future star of Donald Trump's “Celebrity Apprentice,” no less!)

“There were about half a dozen officers surrounding Busey and they were conducting field sobriety tests,” they dished to the MSG-fueled celebrity blog. “His eyes were wobbly and he was all over the place. He was a mess.”

However, in a sweeping revenge on all those motherfucking paparazzi tipsters out there,

Busey turned the joke right back on the rubberneckers. Lieutenant Rich Erickson, spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, told RadarOnline that Busey passed all sobriety tests, and was then let go.

Ha! We can just imagine those losers, Twitpic-ing all over the blogosphere and wondering how much they should charge for the tip. Meanwhile:

“[Deputies] determined that [Busey] was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol,” says Lt. Erickson. “Apparently he's just not that good a driver!”

Either that, or he's well-practiced in the art of faking sobriety. We know from experience (not our own!) that only the weak, and the truly schwasted, fail those tests.

OK but seriously, best part of the Busey story:

The pair snapped photos on their phone while Busey was being questioned by the police and were told to stop, but took one more as they were driving off and were pulled over themselves!

“We were told by the police officer that they were doing an investigation and we were disrupting it,” says the source. “He said, “What if he was on crack, crystal meth or had a gun?'” [Ed note: Does cocaine count?]

The middle-aged couple was then arrested, held in jail for five hours and charged with Obstructing a Peace Officer in His Duties.

That'll teach 'em! And Gary Busey: Learn to drive, drunk or not. We don't want Peter Fonda finding any more dead drivers slumped over their steering wheels up there in the bougie northwest.

Update: The Sheriff's Department has given the Busey tipsters a taste of their own medicine and outed them to City News Service.

Turns out middle-aged Marina Del Rey couple Patrice Karst and Mark Abel were the ones who asked sheriff's deputies to pull Busey over in the first place, as we predicted, and the ones who Radar then reported were sent to jail for five hours.

Sergeant Ken Crocker of the Malibu/Lost Hills Station now reveals that each adult had to pay $10,000 bail this morning in order to hop the pen. (Funny — they somehow forgot leak that humiliating little detail to the press!)

According to Crocker, after they “realized that the driver was Gary Busey,'' they whipped out their camera phones and started poking them all up in the deputies' business. They even lied and said they had media credentials — which we suppose isn't too far from the truth in the age of the blogging/Tweeting/snitching digital everyman.

By the time they pulled up alongside Busey's vehicle on the Pacific Coast Highway to get a better look, the deputies had had enough — they let Busey go and arrested the couple instead. Good riddance.

Gary Busey used to be a notorious Hollywood partier, before a devastating motorcycle accident left him with severe brain damage in 1998. He hadn't been wearing a helmet, so his head was left with a “hole the size of a half dollar,” in his own words.

Weekly reporters have encountered him since, and it's apparent that something's still not quite right up there. We just hope it's not affecting his driving capabilities — there are enough psycho speeders on the PCH as it is.

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