It was a shooting that awoke the local news media out of its post-holiday slumber: Shots were fired at Gardena High School Tuesday morning, and initial reports had three students down with a black-clad gunman on the loose. Then it turned out it was accidental, with two victims injured:

School officials said a 17-year-old brought a gun in a backpack, accidentally dropped the backpack in class, and it went off, with one round going through the neck of 15-year-old boy and striking a 15-year-old girl. Both were hospitalized, with the girl critical and the boy serious.

So now the blame game begins.

Reflecting on the Tucson massacre as well, Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez used the occasion to call for tighter gun control.

A student told the paper that random weapons checks happened “once in a blue moon,” prompting L.A. Unified School District officials to scramble and launch a review of its security policies.

But our commenter of the day, Pwtray213, says we're aiming our ire everywhere but where it belongs — at the student who allegedly brought the weapon to school:

“I LOVE how folks (esp. CA) ALWAYS blame everything and everyone else EXCEPT those individuals responsible for everything bad that happens….the 'kid' suspect in this incident is already being labeled as a poor innocent 'victim,' regardless if the girl who was shot in the head dies or (God-willing) survives. Absolutely disgusting to live in a state where individual responsibility is never held accountable….and there is always outside factors that are to blame. Parental guidance and influence is never questioned.”

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