The office of Mayor Eric Garcetti sent out his endorsement of Hillary Clinton “in error” today, according to a press statement.

Garcetti political consultant Bill Carrick said he'd send out the endorsement, independent of the office, shortly. Under the law, Garcetti's on-the-clock public duties are not to include campaigning.

“Somebody in the mayor's office made a mistake and sent it out — didn't clear it properly,” Carrick told us.

The mayor had not been seen with Clinton for ages. In September his people admitted they had not spoken since she announced she was running for president on the Democratic ticket.

Then, just a few days ago, Garcetti was quoted as saying that people tell him, “They should vet you!” when speaking of a short list of possible vice presidential running mates for the Democratic nominee.

We asked Carrick if Garcetti was aiming to be Clinton's running mate. He gave us silence.

The mayor said he's proud to endorse Clinton “because I know that she understands the challenges and opportunities facing our cities and will be a powerful leader in building our future.”

“Like mayors across the country,” he said, “I am working hard to bring shared prosperity to every corner of our city. And in Hillary Clinton, mayors will have a partner — someone who is ready to stand up for our mainstream economy, and the people who need help the most.”

Sound like a pitch?

Clinton was in the Los Angeles area today to attend fundraisers and appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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