The Getty House, which is the official residence for mayors of Los Angeles, was vandalized Thursday night with messages that opposed the recent ordinance affecting homeless encampments.

While it is not clear if Mayor Eric Garcetti was home during the protest, the home’s gate pillars and nearby sidewalks were covered with graffiti reading, “Fuck Garcetti,” “Housing is a right” and “Repeal 41.18 D,” which is the municipal code that Garcetti signed into law Thursday.

The newly signed law will not be allow homeless encampments within 500 feet of schools, parks, bridges, overpasses, libraries and homeless shelters. The ordinance will also restricts people from sleeping in these areas, as well as sidewalks and bike lines that would stop the flow of traffic.

“I never understood how fining people who have no money or threatening them with arrest will help their situation,” Kenneth Mejia, candidates for Los Angeles City Controller said Thursday. “How will they pay for these fines? Where will they go if they’re not sure where they can sleep or rest?”

The city council voted 13-2 in favor of the ordinance, citing that encampments interfere with the American Disabilities Act, as well as council president Nury Martinez stating that a homeless lifestyle cannot be “normalized.”

“We cannot normalize people living in encampments,” Martinez said. “We’ve got to encourage the building of homeless shelters, housing has to be the priority… getting people off the street as soon as possible needs to be the mandate of the day. Encouraging people to remain on the street and normalizing this way of living and allowing people to die is not something that I will ever accept.”

The law will go into effect 30 days after its signing on July 29.

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