What is an early morning like without a well-brewed cup of coffee? Coffee may sometimes determine the mood of the day. Good quality coffee or espresso brewed from a state-of-the-art espresso machine feels like sunshine after a rainy day for coffee lovers. The creamy, foamy, latte, cappuccinos, macchiato, milky and aromatic coffee brewed can be achieved by the use of good quality coffee beans. Not to forget the aroma from brewing coffee that is therapy on a dull day!

A homemade or commercially made cup of coffee made according to your pallet is not complete. Good coffee goes hand in hand with an easy-to-use coffee-making machine – introducing Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine.

About Gaggia Classic Pro

The product is manufactured by Gaggia as model type R19380/46 and was available for the first on 9th May 2019. The Gaggia Classic Pro is an improved and upgraded version of the older machine but with better features. It is 9.5x8x14.2 inches and weighs 20 pounds. The product was voted number 10 in the semi-automatic espresso machine category at the best sellers rank. It was also featured in the top 100 in the Home and Kitchen best seller’s category. The machine can be purchased for both home and commercial use. It produces a milky texture for velvety microfoam to give the perfect latte.

Features of Gaggia Classic Pro

Gaggia Classic Pro is manufactured using high-quality aluminum materials. It is very easy to use and maintain and produces consistently good quality espresso with superior taste.

The Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso machine has unique features built to last for a long time as listed below:

Commercial Steam Wand

It has a commercial steam wand, which is a metallic pipe small in size and is usually connected internally to a boiler which helps in the flow of steam generated by the boiler. In the coffee-maker, it is used when the water sealed in a tank is boiling. The pressure created by the steam forces the boiling water through the part filter, which is packed with finely ground coffee granules. During the process, the stream flows into a cup or jug, producing very aromatic espresso, and the process of coffee making is finalized.

Filter Baskets

Filter baskets are simple but very crucial components found in the espresso machine. They are metallic and have tiny holes all around the bottom. They are small and bowl-shaped, to hold coffee grounds. They come in single and double sizes and are built to fit in the portafilter handle. They help extract quality coffee, keep the coffee at an optimal level and provide good quality, thick creamy coffee from all types and qualities of coffee granules.

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Commercial Style Port filter

A commercial-style port filter is a component that is found in espresso machines used for both commercial and home. They are about 57 to 58 diameters and come in stainless steel, brass, or chrome material, though some portafilters may be made of plastic and aluminum. The plastic versions are not preferred as they do not retain heat.

Porta filters are used to hold ground coffee beans before, during, and after the brewing process.

3-Way Solenoid Valve

This is referred to as the 3 valves that line the connection for diversion of flow from one path to the other. The 3-way valve is composed of a solenoid, an electromagnet whose purpose is to generate controlled magnets. The valve is usually found in commercial espresso machines.

Updated Frame

The updated frame is made of steel and iron. It has been designed in a way that streamlines and improves access to the water reservoir.

Improved pump mounts

Pump mounts drive hot water through the coffee chambers of the espresso machine. They support the espresso machines, which have been made of superior quality to enable the pump’s stability and decreased noise while still maintaining the same quality and consistency of the espresso.

Fast Heat Up

The espresso machine has two heating elements to boil water in 5 minutes. The steam is also ready in 30 seconds.  

Updated Controls

The product has three switches for brewing, steaming, and power, and each has its light indicator showing when the machine is either on, ready to brew, or steam.

How does the Gaggia Classic Pro Work?

  • Ensure that the water reservoir has enough water and the machine is well heated.
  • The coffee in the tamper is well pressed, and there is enough coffee.
  • Coffee should be fresh and not too old.
  • There should be no residual coffee granules or any dirt in the seal
  • The filter holder should be properly inserted
  • The pump should be activated when brewing the coffee

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How to Use Gaggia Classic Pro

The machine should be allowed enough time to heat. The filter basket and portafilter should also be in their rightful place at least 15-20 minutes before brewing. Freshly ground coffee beans are then placed into the basket to overflowing levels but levelled with a spoon or knife before they are tamped down. The ears of the portafilter are inserted by locking it and turning the handle as if it is pointing straight. Once this is done, ensure that the electrical power and boiler switches are on and that the middle switch, which is the steam switch, is off and that the black steam valve switch is closed.

Benefits of Gaggia Classic Pro

  • Affordable: With its many features and uses, the machine is affordable as it can be used both at home and commercially.
  • Water capacity: It has a big water reservoir and therefore there is no need to refill the tank frequently. This makes it viable for both home and commercial use.
  • User Friendly: The switches for on/off, steaming, and brewing are easy to understand and use, making the machine user-friendly.
  • Durable:   Gaggia Classic Pro is made from high-quality raw materials. This espresso machine is durable and can last a long time.

Shortcomings of Gaggia Classic Pro

There are no known shortcomings of the machine. However, one should be careful to read the instructions on the manual regarding the dos and don’ts of the machine and follow them carefully to ensure that the machine works perfectly for a long time.

Purchase and Price of Gaggia Classic Pro

Gaggia Classic Pro can be purchased through the Amazon website worldwide. The price of the machine is $449.00 without the shipping and import fees.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy of Gaggia Classic Pro

Kindly contact the supplier through their website Amazon.com for any refund and money-back queries.

FAQs on Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine

Q: Between espresso and coffee, which has a stronger smell?

A: Espresso has a higher caffeine level as it is made from coffee beans.

Q: Are there any side effects of taking espresso?

A: Espresso has been associated with lowering the risk of a stroke, strengthening memory, improving digestion and concentration.

Q: Where do the Gaggia Classic Pro come from?

A: Since 2010, espresso machines have been manufactured in Milan, Italy.

Q: Is using distilled water in the jug recommended?

A: Distilled water may alter the taste of the coffee and may also damage the boiler. It is recommended to use tap water

Q: Must one use coffee beans or will any pre-packaged coffee work?

A: Any coffee can be used as the single-shot pressurized basket can accommodate both pre-ground coffee granules and the pods. However, the best coffee is from freshly roasted beans.

Q: Is there a warranty for the espresso machine?

A: There is a one-year warranty, including labor for any repairs.

Q: Does the machine have pressurized or unpressurized filter baskets?

A: The machine has pressurized filter baskets and unpressurized ones too. The pressure is in-built in the machine and this helps in extracting the entire flavor from the coffee.

Pros of Gaggia Classic Pro

  • Has a large water reservoir with a capacity to hold 72 ounces of water.
  • Can also be used commercially, as it has a steam wand for the purpose
  • The machine heat water very fast.
  • Comes with both pressurized and unpressurized filter baskets
  • Simple controls that are also easy to use.
  • Quiet operation and very low noise level
  • The stainless steel machine is durable with a sturdy and tough body
  • Brews a perfect latte and several other varieties of coffee

Cons of Gaggia Classic Pro

  • There are no major cons of the machine other than it may occupy quite someplace in the kitchen, but all this depends on the size of the kitchen.

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The manufacturer insists that it is a machine and not an appliance. It is an Italian product that is the best among entry-level espresso machines. The coffee that is brewed and steamed is more than coffee – it is an art.

Gaggia Classic Pro is built with high-quality materials, is very easy to use and maintain, and lastly, produces espresso of high consistency and superior taste. Users who are familiar with the basic model and want more can always purchase accessories that are easily available. The website is a treasure trove of knowledge with recipes, and beginners can dive into the recipe and blog section of the website to find the recipe of their favorite brew.


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