In honor of Nate Dogg (who's currently recuperating in a rest home after somehow having a stroke at 38)) and because I really just want to watch old G-Funk videos for the rest of the week, the next couple days will be dedicated to excavating random Nate Dogg songs. Happy New Year.

1. Let it be said unequivocally. Warren G> Warren G. Harding > Mike Huckabee.

2. Was there really a four-month stretch in college where every time my friends and I got high, we would listen to this song and “Glock-O-Pop?” And if so, how was it possible that this corresponded with my highest-ever GPA?

3. This video's budget: $2,123 (including 15 roast beef sandwiches, 24 hot dogs and 12 gallons of Kool-Aid). The amount of weed smoked on the set of this video: 3 pounds or $15,000, whichever one came first.

4. How is it possible that Nate Dogg can make singing about changing his thread-bare socks sound this smooth? I blame Kirk Radomski.

5. Snoop Dogg's ghostwriter? Easy job or easiest job.

6. Are Warren G's “G Child” and Madlib's “Quasimoto” the same exact voice? And if not, exactly how stoned do you have to be to decide to huff helium and then rap as your squeaky voiced alter ego?

7. Can this video be officially declared the turning point when Xzibit officially became better at ride pimping than rapping?

8. If the Game really refuses to wait than shouldn't the rappers involved stop bitching about this fact, and instead show some discipline and put it on time out, threaten to rescind its supper, and then finally, if that doesn't work, medicate the game with 100 mg a day of the finest ADHD drugs?

9. If Warren G actually did have “your bitch” with her “knees up” would you a) punch Warren G in the face b) stand there stunned at the fact that your girlfriend was copulating with a past-his-prime West Coast rap star c) silently congratulate yourself on your ability to attract a woman that would be desired by a past-his-prime West Coast rap star or d) ask Warren G to autograph your copy of Regulate.

10. Is Xzibit's claim that there's nothing like a “one night stand with nice tan and big chest to make [him] feel like a whole new man,” evidence that he has a sex addiction or empirical proof that as the song alleges, the game does not in fact wait for anyone. Not even busters.

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