In an effort to better familiarize our readership on the upcoming FYF Fest, which occurs this Saturday at the LA State Historic Park downtown, West Coast Sound sent a brief questionnaire to a few bands scheduled to appear. Today's installment features LA's Mika Miko.

West Coast Sound: This year's festival is going toward saving the California State Parks. What is your best camping story?

Seth Densham: Camping in Alabama on a tour a while back. We had to pitch a tent on someone's front yard because the back was filled with tents already. We woke up with the sun a couple hours later and it felt like a sauna with tons of mosquitos. Party. 

Michelle Suarez: I've never been camping before.  

Jennifer Clavin: When I stole a boat from the shore and paddled it around all day. 

Band you're most excited to see this year and why?

Michelle: F* UP, first and foremost. They are my favorite band to watch live. Carbonas should be exciting to watch too since most of my friends have lied about seeing them “back in the day.” Now they get their chance.

Jennifer: Black Lips because of all the times I have seen them, it has never been in LA.

Seth: The Strange Boys. They're awesome.

What's the craziest thing
 you've seen happen at an F Yeah Fest, or your happiest memory?

Michelle: My happiest memory was watching Negative Approach and being really hopped up on the free iced coffee in a can.

Jennifer: I think we have played every FYF. Our friend Will from Tearist got arrested one year by the shitty security at the Echo. We made a giant Free Will Banner for him.

Seth: Played it last year. It was my first show with the band. Pretty stressful.

Complete this sentence: In ten years I see my band ….


Seth: Maybe we'll all be working at McDonalds.

Jennifer: Agreed.

If there's one thing the world needs to know about your band right now it's.


Jennifer: Cattitude

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