In an effort to better familiarize our readership on the upcoming FYF Fest, which occurs this Saturday at the LA State Historic Park downtown, West Coast Sound sent a brief questionnaire to a few bands scheduled to appear. What follows is the response of Pink Eyes, the amazing lead singer for Toronto hardcore band Fucked Up.

West Coast Sound: This year's festival is going toward saving the California state

parks. What is your best camping story?

Pink Eyes:I am much more of an “indoor” kid for example when I went camping when I was about eleven with my aunt and uncle the whole time I sat in the tent reading Dungeons and Dragons books. My parents used to send me to summer camp and I would spend the whole time trying to figure out how I could get sent home. I managed to convince one of the camps that the poison oak I had was actually chicken pox so they sent me home. It was awesome.

Band you're most excited to see this year and why?

Converge or Eat Skull. We've had a chance to play with most of bands on the bill before at various shows or festivals but it has been years since I've seen Converge and I have never had a chance to see Eat Skull. It will be amazing to see all the other bands we have played/ toured with before too but for different reasons.

How many times have you played the FYF, and what's the craziest thing you've seen happen, or your happiest memory of the fest?

This is our second time playing and the happiest memory I have from last year is looking over at the side of the stage when we were playing and seeing Keith Morris and John Brannon, two of the greatest punk frontmen ever, watching our set.

Complete this sentence: In ten years I see my band …

Long broken up, god willing.

If there's one thing the world needs to know about your band right now it's….

That I do not have a job working for Fox News. The whole thing got blown way out of proportion.

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