It must be one of the best jobs in the world to work for Droog, the Dutch design collective that creates furniture like this Log Bench (which you can buy for $20,932 from Retromodern). Or maybe it's one of the most insane jobs in the world. They make stuff like this Chest of Drawers below. Their designs are perfect for people with a lot of money to throw around, who don't require actual, you know, functionality in their furniture, who appreciate benches that more closely approximate Art than Furniture.

Take this “Do Hit Chair.” It's a box that comes with a hammer and you hit it to make a chair shape. Or this sugar cube cage. Why, that's just what I needed! A cage for my sugar cubes! It's based on something Marcel Duchamp said. I don't know what it is exactly he said, but you simply have to say “inspired by Marcel Duchamp,” and everything makes sense. That's your basic default explanation for weird crap.

Droog's stuff isn't ALL weird, it should be noted. Like this Hippo Mat. Okay. Fine. It's weird. Awesomely weird.

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