By now you should know that Beth Lapides and her much-loved comic storytelling series UnCabaret has a new(-ish), swanky home downtown at First and Hope. Not a bad idea for a night out with Dad.

L.A. WEEKLY: Who's on the bill for Father's Day?

BETH LAPIDES: Very excited to say — both Julia Sweeney and John Riggi! It's a very rare L.A. appearance for Julia, who has moved to Chicago — she'll explain onstage — and is in L.A. dropping her daughter off at summer camp. John Riggi is finally back from his verrrry extended stay in NYC, where he was producing and directing 30 Rock. So it will be quite a homecoming show for our UnCabaret family. Plus, the fantabulous Miss Coco Peru who's a favorite new member of our UnCabaret kula. And more to come, possibly an actual dad (if any of them can get out from under their kids) and another fabulous music act!

Why should people bring their fathers to UnCab on Father's Day?

If you love your dad, what better gift than the gift of laughter? And if you would rather not even have to talk to your dad, you can sit in the dark and let us do the talking for you. Win-win!

Will anyone do material based on dad-hood?

Yes, dad-hood will certainly be a thread. It's in the air, and what's in the air can't be avoided at UnCabaret. Julia and John both have lots of very funny father material. We're pretty careful about our bookings on Father's Day because back in 1992, our first year at Luna Park, we had a show on Father's Day that was not specifically a Father's Day show. Because UnCabaret is about the now, the performers naturally all ended up talking about dads. But as it turned out we had a lineup of boys who were sitting on A LOT of father issues. David Cross told one of the darkest, and greatest, stories ever to grace the UnCab stage. We had Bob Odenkirk, Bobcat Goldthwait, Andy Dick. I still have people who come up to me and say, “I was at the first Father's Day show,” with a conspiratorial look in their eye. After that we tried to consciously channel the energy of holidays, even the fake Hallmark ones.

Where should we take our dads to dinner before the show?

Take your dad to dinner right at our amazingly beautiful new venue, First and Hope. There's a restaurant in addition to the supercool showroom. Two dinner choices: the $55 Platinum ticket that includes a three-course meal and a drink and preferred seating in the showroom; or buy a regular ticket and eat a lighter, delicious, bistro-fare dinner in the showroom. There's no food or drink minimum in the showroom because people naturally want to eat and drink there.

Is any of your comedy inspired by your father?

I like to say the word shmata on stage. And I like to dress up while I say it. My dad was a man of the cloth. Not the religious cloth, although he did sell parochial school uniforms for some time. He once told me if I ever needed to feel more Jewish, sell school uniforms to nuns.

What's the best advice your father gave you?

When I was 12, I told him I planned on moving to NYC to become an artist, and he said, “Don't let the Big Apple make applesauce out of you.”

Who's the funniest dad of all time?


Beth Lapides' UnCabaret, 710 W. First St., dwntwn.; Sun., June 17, 8 p.m.; $25.

Sun., June 17, 8 p.m., 2012

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