Perhaps you've seen Leimert Park's übergrooven resident Dâm-Funk dancing around, keytar in hand, on the music websites you frequent.

If the school bus-yellow background didn't tip you off, Funk's lent his image and abilities to a pretty sweet viral campaign by good old Dr. Martens, who've been supplying stiff, heeled boots to punk-rockers and riot grrrls for a half-century now.

As part of this, Funk has covered Human League's “Things That Dreams Are Made Of,” and a video was made. In it, our keytar hero sports a plastic goatee, rides a magic carpet, and eventually has a Max Headroom-style meltdown.

Says Stones Throw:

“The song & video were made for shoe brand Dr. Martens 50-year-anniversary celebration, along with a total of ten modern-day producers who remade cult classics in their own style.”

Yeah, yeah, that's great. Noisettes blah blah Duke Spirit yeah yeah Janelle Monae yadda yadda.

The shoe company does deserve its propers for putting together an ad campaign that actually gives people something they'd want, but West Coast Sound wants the funk, and we wants it now.

Download this must-own gem below:

Dam-Funk “The Things Dreams Are Made Of” [MP3]

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