This past week I was able to do an interview with Kristen and Jen from #IMOMSOHARD. They shared some fun mom hacks and so much information all moms need to know. I had such a great time talking to these ladies and learned that as a mom I’m not alone. They are so real, raw and honest which I absolutely loved and could relate to. They make me feel like I’m not alone and we are all just trying our best. We talked lots about some cool mom to do activities and how to entertain our children while they are out of school.

Since summer is approaching, we know the kids will be out of school which means a lot more free time and the constant, “Mom what are we doing today?” While it is exciting to have them home all day, it comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure to entertain them and give them a fun summer. New survey data shows that 71% of moms with young kids look forward to the last day of school, but 58% of them feel the pressure of being a “fun mom.” Some feel like they’ve run out of ideas to keep their kids entertained, but luckily Kristen and Jen have some great “fun mom” ideas to keep the kids occupied this summer.

One fun mom hack they shared is backyard camping, which is very convenient and simple, yet super exciting for the kids. Rather than loading up everything in the car and leaving your home, backyard camping is just as fun and can be paired with a movie night! Another great idea is an ice cream sundae bar, and we all know kids LOVE ice cream! Especially on a warm summer day, ice cream will really top off the night. You can include fun toppings, sprinkles, whipped cream, and so much more. For a fun arts and crafts idea, face paint is always a hit. Even if you are not a great painter, rainbows, kitten whiskers, glitter, etc. will make your kid’s day. Lastly, a home field day challenge is a great way to get outside and keep the kids active and occupied. Some challenges can include cones, hula hoops, logs and jump ropes. This is a great family activity, and you can add rewards and prizes to turn it into an exciting competition. These mom hacks that Kristen and Jen shared with me will definitely be something I will be trying with my kids this summer.

Jen and Kristen also explained the “World’s Funnest Mothers” Sweepstakes challenge to win $25,000. It starts May 16 and runs through June 26. To enter you can post an Instagram picture or reel featuring the best fun mom idea for the summer, include hashtags (#WorldsFunnestMothers and #Sweeps) and be sure to tag @MoothersCookiesUS. In addition to this, 60 moms will win a “World’s Funnest Summer Kit” which has everything needed for backyard activities including a supply of Mother’s Cookies, games and other outdoor activities. Be sure to enter for a chance to win!

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