Update: Long Beach police catch the man behind the plastic bag!

There are probably way more important things to talk about today, like the hundreds of Angelenos stranded at U.S. airport gates, why William & Kate spent Christmas apart or the impending end of the world, but this one is just too good to pass up.

The Orange County Register is reporting the biggest flop of a fast-food-chain robbery in recent memory. Instead of getting out of the car and walking into Wendy's like a real man last night, Fullerton police say that a guy with a brown plastic bag over his head…

… pulled up to the drive-thru window and pointed a handgun at the employee on the other side. He then demanded money, which may or may not have been audible through the layer of environmental hazard that was smothering his greedy mug.

The employee played it smart and simple: She closed the window and walked away.

Foiled again! According to Fullerton Police Lieutenant Tom Basham, who has probably had more important days, plastic-bag head took that as his cue to drive away.

Recap: Plastic bag. Darth Vader breath. Gun. Give me your money. No. Kthxbye.

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