Full Moon Sesh made a stop in L.A. on its way to the mega contest in Thailand in January, and the vibes didn’t disappoint.

There’s no doubt about it; last night’s festivities were an absolute blast. Hash makers and enthusiasts from around the world flew in to witness the action, and they were rewarded with one of the most competitive contests we’ve seen in a while. It certainly proved to be one of the biggest days for hash in town this year, giving hundreds of revelers the chance to meet their favorites.20231026 193225

LA Family Farms secured the top spot in the hash hole category on their home turf with a pairing of Zamosa hash and flower. Emphasizing the unique international atmosphere of the event, Trichome Tortise, a native of Thailand, took first place in both the rosin and hash categories. He’s excited to try and win again back home in January.

“I chose Ze Boof because it’s the best I’ve got, and I wanted to bring it for this cup,” Trichome Tortise told L.A. Weekly. “My family is from Thailand. This event hit home for me, coming from a family that has been strict about weed. Now I get to go back to the motherland and compete, hopefully showing my mom how this plant can provide so much benefit.”

Josh Schmidt of Dee Thai Gummies and Sluggers played a crucial role in bringing Full Moon Sesh to America. He was thrilled to see the community coming together.

“It’s a unique community, and it was wonderful to have everyone come together from all walks of life,” Schmidt told L.A. Weekly. “I think whether you’re a part of it or not, you can sense that.”

The epic event came together more swiftly than one might expect. Schmidt said he’d been working with Full Moon Sesh’s founder, Igor, for about a month and a half. Once he learned that the event was heading to Thailand, he knew there was an opportunity for them to collaborate, drawing from his own transpacific efforts as one of the founders of Cookies Thailand.

He hopes that the success of last night’s event will help normalize the idea of making the January trip in the hash community.

“If people are considering going to Thailand and maybe they had no idea about who’s organizing it or what it’s all about, this would be a good opportunity for them to catch a vibe and then maybe contemplate actually going in January. And if they do go in January, there’s that community that kind of goes together that wouldn’t have been there had we not done the event here,” Schmidt said.

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Jimi’s rosin judge kit.

Schmidt said the situation reminded him of when he was living in Thailand in 2015 and Facetimed Berner, who used to supply Schmidt’s Van Nuys Dispensary in the 2000s, to say they would one day open a dispensary in Thailand. It happened earlier this year. The turnaround time on The Full Moon Sesh manifestations was much faster. Schmidt hopes the relationship between the Thai and American cannabis communities will be further solidified through Full Moon Sesh.

“People will start going back and have some kind of transpacific relationship that wouldn’t have been there before,” Schmidt said. “Because this industry has opened up a whole new bridge between Thailand, California, and America that was never there.”

Schmidt believes Full Moon Sesh is a vital piece of that bridge.

“That’s my dream, right? That everyone else enjoys Thailand and cannabis as much as I do,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt concluded by saying it’s been great working with Igor. He chuckled, noting he thinks the whole thing is a bit larger than Igor was expecting, but he believes Igor is fully in it to win it.

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